An adult dark  Fantasy Novel


The Shadowland Saga Series

A sinful and sexy series worth the read!


Spirit of Vengeance


Silence in bloodlust


Secrets of the inferno


Sisters of The Fray


Sins of the Soul {PR}

over 1000 pages of darkness, and plot twists

✓A demonic high-school teacher with his god complex,
✓A flame elementalist with a dark, scorching past,
✓And a pretty-boy priest with a haunting transformation…


Three daring and dashing men in her life to clash in the worst of ways!

When Syreene’s parents fell to the monsters terrorizing her country years ago, Cabil Hargann, an infamous high-ranked soldier in Aeg, dedicates the rest of his life to protecting the red-headed elf from further bloodshed. But Cabil turns quite a few heads in their not-so-quiet city of Louxven, for good and bad reasons.

Sorcery, black magic, and turning innocent lives into the damned happens to be the name of the game when the demon overlord continues to unleash his spawn throughout the country from his sub-portal, working Aeg troops to their bones in a fight for survival. And when King Ethedmon fails to act upon the demonic filth rising under their noses, an invitation for chaos brews just beneath Syreene and Cabil’s feet.

Framed for treason, a hit from the royal High Council sends an assassin to kill Cabil, and the fear of losing the only family she has left triggers Syreene to recklessly take matters into her own hands, thus turning herself into a demon ghoul.

The love of a holy man may be all that Syreene has left to save her brother and herself, but when the heartthrob priest carries his own dark secrets, who can Syreene trust to mend her broken world?

◆The Dessa series is a Dark Adult Fantasy Series with adult themes, violence, and harsh language.◆

Enjoy the tropes!

vampires, corruption, chosen one, good vs. evil, dungeons, magic, sorcery, near-dystopian, sacrifice, taboo, dark romance, love triangle, quests, transformation, world development, and much more!


Wow, just wow. I wasn't sure what to expect when I jumped into this book!
The cover alone pulled me in. The colors are vibrant and powerful.
The story was well written with very smooth transitions and kept me turning page after page while draining my dang phone battery! A story full of magic and romance. This author is well on her way. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

— Ronee P.  Amazon

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