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The Awesome Three: A Dark Urban Fantasy Trilogy

Hey guys! I decided to embark in this awesome dark urban fantasy trilogy for adult readers. This title is my first attempt at a first person POV, and also my first urban fantasy novel! Woot for firsts! This is an original idea, and would love for readers to approach my synopsis as such. Please don't copy or steal my work! I love to share my art with those willing to listen/read, so please respect my pieces as you would for any big five pub ^^ Enjoy!


The Awesome Three: A Dark Urban Fantasy Trilogy

The Power Puff Girls, but with a dark wrist!

Copper City’s The Awesome Three is an answer to the rising crime syndicate led by Jun Wo of The Triad. This emergency rescue hotline models three heroic girls on night patrol. On-call, the three teenage fraternal triplets, Brooke, Baille, and Brynn, tackle college classes during the day while breaking drug deals and black market trades at night.

They have their own powers and personalities. Brooke is the leader of the three. She’s a strong, tall, scholarly brunette with plenty of spunk and patriotic attitude. Brooke is also the oldest sister, but her terrifying god-complex behind closed doors often clouds her better judgment.

The youngest sister, Baille, is a sweet sunflower with a heart of gold. The blond is what many would call a nerd, but her physical attributes label her as a head cheerleader type. While her clumsy and childish demeanor makes her approachable, Baille has a flirty, party animal side, which she isn’t shy about.

And lastly, Brynn, the quiet, keeps-to-herself goth who is the lead singer of her band, Sugar Metal. The middle sister tends to separate herself from the fans and fame of the heroic pedestal, finding it hard to accept her privilege as something to monetize.

Besides their distinct powers, their visible fashion sense also differentiates the sisters quite a bit, making it hard to confuse the triplets from each other. The head of The Awesome Three, a smug Aussie referred to as Uncle Eric, answers crime calls in their old shaggy headquarters in central Copper City.

The story follows Brynn, the nineteen-year-old telekinetic with a dark attitude. Throughout the series, Brynn tackles her hard childhood filled with abuse and neglect from her non-biological father. She is also a heavy drug addict, but being involved in The Triad’s high selling merchandise is only a fraction of her problems. She finds herself in a world of trouble when she sticks her hands where they don’t belong— down in a casket, cradling her dead father. Following a thieving snatch of the doctor’s necklace, Brynn is marked with a symbol on her wrist that leads her to ask questions about her birth and her identity.

But it wouldn’t be routine for something not to distract her while she works out the purpose of her new tattoo. She is placed on a secret assignment to spy on a CPD cop, Alex Hanning; someone Brynn describes as a ‘clean Clark Kent.’ To make matters even more stressful for her, this cop suspected of being a mole happens to be the same guy her young sister Baille is dating. Things get sticky and messy fast, especially after Brynn realizes that she is being hunted down.

Being one of only three gifted girls in New York has its ups and downs, but nothing could have prepared Brynn for this stroke of bad luck after disrespecting her father’s funeral. The Awesome Three is an original Dark Urban Fantasy for ages 18+ (language, sex, violence).

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