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It Starts With An Idea

Hey avid readers! For those of you who don't know by now, my name is Andreya Lombardi. I'm the author of the debut book Dessa, a novella that caters to action, adventure, drama, sorcery, and romance. I've been told countless times that my books don't follow the norm, the script of epic fantasy and reverse harem, and even I have found it difficult to label my series in a specific category. Well, that's because it doesn't really fit perfectly into a specific category. It has many different elements to it, a wide scope of themes and tropes and character types. People have compared it to The Witcher, others some light novel they see it relating to.

When I wrote my first book, all I really had in mind was the idea of something I would absolutely love to see as either a movie or an anime series. So my books are written in 'episodes,' which are then further broken down into scenes. I won't deviate from that format for the entire series, although I have toned down the pov to follow Cabil and Syreene mostly: Syreene being my main heroine. As you could imagine, for a story so complex (dark fantasy, epic fantasy, reverse harem, swords and sorcery, demons, nobles, vampires, demon gods, goddesses, oh the list goes on!) it would be even more difficult to advertise and reach my prime audience.

Sure, I know folks who would love the tropes and the character designs, but I have too many friends who are immune to cracking open a virtual book . :)

Yeah, crazy isn't it?

With that being said, I wanted to start my blog with my journey through the entire process from start to current, while also intermittently showcasing some plot and character reflections within my books. Again, I am not an expert, far from it, actually. I'm just an indie author noob writing about my experiences to those who would care to listen.

So to start, I want to outline what I'll be tackling within the next few posts for part one:

The Foundation:

· purpose of writing (fiction)

· what are you trying to achieve? what's your ultimate goal?

· how do you size up against your competitors?

· how do you size up against your complimentary authors?

· budget for everything: editing (developmental and copy editing), proofing, book covers, formatting, newsletters, promos sites (don’t, and I’ll go into it further), website, publishing, marketing (I will go into depth about marketing and how FB is a social network site not a sales site)

· formats you are are willing to produce in: ebook, paperback, audio,

· the different mass distributors like draft2digital, smashwords, ingramspark

· your categories and censorship

· considering your time and organize accordingly

· asking yourself if it's all worth it? the reality of the truth.

Part one is pretty hefty, but it is the overall bulk, overall outline of the scoped beginnings. Again this is my perspective. I've read over seven books and over two dozen youtube videos on marketing (which is easily where I struggle the most), so I will be focusing on that more than the other topics. If you're interested, stick around! I will try to upload a section of part one once every two weeks, and hopefully will remain consistent with my releases. See you soon!

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