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Ep1: Purpose of Writing

In part one, episode one, I review the purpose of writing—what gets you up in the morning to write what you write? This podcast series considers only fiction indie writing. Stay tuned for episode two; I try to upload a new episode every two weeks. This week I happened to have enough time to upload two. As always, I hope these posts help a fellow indie author in search of some guidance, or just another perspective. Enjoy!

(Sorry for the mp4 file; Wix doesn’t allow, for whatever reason, a means to upload just the sound file.)

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Hey guys! I decided to embark in this awesome dark urban fantasy trilogy for adult readers. This title is my first attempt at a first person POV, and also my first urban fantasy novel! Woot for firsts


Hello avid readers! I'm Drea, a free-spirited proud nerd living in the United States. Aside from writing and reading, I also love digital drawing [sketched some of my book covers], gaming, cooking, tennis, and music production. Thanks for dropping by and enjoy your stay! If you want to keep up to date with my blog, don't forget to follow/subscribe.


Check out the official website for my current book series Dessa, Shadowland Saga, here.

Book one of Dessa is still out for grabs, absolutely free with sub signup! My gift to my readers, and my soon-to-be readers. Also book four is coming out soon, March 2021, so take advantage and place your pre-orders! I am also looking for ARC readers for book five of Dessa, Sins of the Soul. If you’re interested, shoot me an email so we can get started!


Shadowland Saga Series

Dessa, Spirit of Vengeance [book one] R

Dessa, Silence in Bloodlust [book two] R

Dessa, Secrets of the Fray [book three] R

Dessa, Sisters of the Fray [book four] PR

Dessa, Sins of the Soul [book five] TBA

Dessa [book six] TBA

Dark Star Series

Slave of a Vampire [stand-alone] TBA

*All my books are for mature adult audiences, containing themes of violence, sex, harsh language, and other triggering bits and pieces.*

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