An adult dark fantasy Novel

The Shadowland Saga Series

Dark Star Series
The Cast of Dessa: SOV
The Shadowland Saga

The complete list is a work in progress, Here are those select few characters worth mentioning.
From books 1-7:


Book One:

Spirit of Vengeance

Book Two:

Silence in Bloodlust

Book Three:

Secrets of the Inferno

Book Four:

Sisters of the Fray

Book Five:

Sins of the Soul

Book Six:

Sacrifice and Retribution

Book Seven:

The Last Requiem

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What Are Readers
Saying About Dessa: SOV
The Shadowland Saga

"From the moment that I started reading the first chapter I got excited and intrigued. This genre is one of my favorites, discovering new worlds always makes me anxious to read."

-V.Mendez (Amazon)


"The story has been thoughtfully done, and the author has such a beautiful way of telling the story. The characters are so well developed and nuanced concerning their behaviors and actions." -Vice Voice Trizah (Amazon)


"I was drawn in and immediately connected to the characters, invested in the stakes." -Allyn (Amazon)

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